eCom University

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What is it?

Essentially, it is me going one on with the camera explaining everything you would need to know in regards to dropshipping, e-commerce, brand building and facebook/social media marketing. In a nutshell, it's how to take a product from zero and turn it into thousands p/day.


Video 1: What is dropshipping

  • Why it is such a great business model

  • How it has worked for so many people

  • Some people get it and others don’t = giving up = anyone can do it (mindset)

Video 2: Setting goals

  • How much are you comfortable spending

  • What is your budget

  • Setting realistic goals - especially if you have never done FB before

  • Be ready to lose some money

- Learn from mistakes to cut losses

Video 3: How to find winning products  - aliexpress

  • Pexda

  • AliExpress top selling

  • How to know if a supplier is legit (reviews, sales etc)

  • When you get higher volumes contact supplier to get cheaper rates

  • Commerce Inspector

  • Multiple Facebook accounts to see ads

Video 4: How to set up a Shopify store Part 1

  • General store vs Niche

  • Creating a general store then going niche  

  • Names

  • Themes

  • Adding products (oberlo)

Video 5: How to set up a Shopify store Part 2

  • How to find them and what they are

  • Choosing a Domain name

  • Payment Settings - For outside of USA

  • Setting up PayPal = age restrictions

Video 6: Email Retargeting

  • Klaviyo (the most advanced software)

    • Exact retargeting sequence

  • The exact script I use to retarget

Video 7: How to contact Instagram influencers + what are they and why they are good + Facebook pixel

  • How to find a good influencer

  • When should you use Instagram influencers?

  • Social Blade = Authenticity + Checking followers

  • Planx Engagement calculator

  • What to say when contacting = the exact script

  • What is an FB Pixel and why they are important  

Video 8: FB ads ~ How to create an ad copy - (how to convert someone) + Canva

  • What sort of ad to create + what converts someone

  • How to use Canva and how to create the ad

Video 9: How to create a facebook ad account

  • How Facebook ads work

  • Why do FB ads?

  • FB ads v Influencers

Video 10: How to create a Facebook ad

  • Canva

  • Meme creator applications

  • WHAT sort of offers (free + shipping or an offer)

Video 11: How to track Facebook results

  • Special Toolbar I use

  • Tristan Broughton powerpoint on scaling and unique link clicks

Video 12: How to outsource and scale your ads

  • Using VA’s to monitor your ad sets

  • Advanced Facebook Scaling Techniques

    • How to take your store past just a few hundred p/day?

  • Once your ads reach a certain point they kind of become self-sufficient

  • Facebook pixel can become autonomous

Video 13: The end of dropshipping?

  • How to overcome it

  • How to build a brand

    • Essentials that go into a brand

    • What makes a brand?

  • How I have built brands and why you should too

+ There are over 6 more videos going even more in-depth (just haven't updated the outline yet)

WAS $1990 AUD 
NOW $1390

What do you get?

  1. Lifetime Membership

  2. 24/7 access

  3. Cutting edge eCommerce Content

  4. A blueprint to success

  5. My secret product research techniques

  6. FREE ACCESS TO MY 2.0 VERSION (Released FEB 2019)

  7. Constantly Updated Content

  8. Sooo much more 

Frequently asked questions

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! I know that not everyone has thousands just lying around so I am happy to accomidate payment plans. For example, we can break the level 2 mentorship up into 3 easy to $2k chunks over a 6 week basis, its all up to you. Reach out to me and lets see if there is something we can do! THERE ARE NO PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE FOR ECOM UNIVERSITY

Why are you doing these?

To tell you the truth, I don't make any money off these. For the amount of time I need to put into each mentorship, I could put into my own store and make 10x whatever I could of these. I do these as I genuinly love teaching and seeing other reach a level success they can be proud of.

How much time do I need to dedicate to a program?

As much as you want. I say the more time you spend on each program the better. More time gives you the ability to digest everything. You can kick through everything in 3 weeks or 3 months, it's all up to you at the end of the day! This isn't something where you get penalised for being time poor because I know we all don't have 12 hours p/day to work on something like this.

Why should I invest in self education?

Well what a question! Self education is the most undervalued investment in the world. It doesn't matter if you have $10k to start your own Shopify, I promise that if you don't learn from an expert on how to spend it wisely and smartly you may as well have started with $200. Self education is what makes a millionaire. Enough said.

What is the difference between the eCom Upskill X program and your course?

The monthly program is more suited for the guys that just want a taste of eCommerce and how they can get started whereas the Dropshipping Course (full version) is suited for my students who really want to make millions of dropshipping and something they can do for a lifetime. The choice is all yours but I would pick both (of course I would say that) but it's more than worth it!