So, how do you have a killer 2020?

How to set and more importantly hit resolutions and goals in 2020?

New year’s resolutions and goals for 2020 should not be something you set lightly, hell, it's the new decade! If you have the slightest ambition to succeed this coming year, these need to be set right. We all have that one friend or relative (or many) who "attempts" to set goals for themselves and fails miserably.


Setting a goal or a new year's revolution is great but if you go about it the wrong way, it can put an enormous limit on your business, your life, and your success.


So, here are some ways to ensure that you stick to the goals you make in 2020:

Plan the process not the goal


Many people will go into the new year with the goal of losing weight or earning more money but how do you ever expect that to happen? Losing weight doesn't just happen overnight, it takes hard work and months of training. The only way for you to ever achieve this is if you spend time actually planning the process of attaining what you actually want. How many days, or even months, will it take? How many sessions are required to achieve them? What foods are you going to give up? It is great to set the goal which is what you need to do but you need to become very clear on the process to get there.

Become very specific


For a goal or resolution to become a reality you need to get specific. If you want to lose weight, figure out how many pounds you will have to shed to achieve the ideal figure. If you want to eat healthier, write down precisely what you are going to cut out of your diet. Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft without become very clear with what he wanted the company to achieve. Trust me, when you move up the ladder of success, precision is rewarded in many ways.

Become committed


For most people, the biggest issue is commitment. There are too many dreams and not enough accountability. Not many people have the guts and are willing to do what it takes to meet a goal. Unless you have the focus of Arnold Schwarzenegger I would suggest the best way for you to be held accountable is to announce your goal to the world. Get your ambition in front of the people who you would hate to disappoint the most. It may be your parents, your friends, or your mentor. Announce your goal and if for some reason you give up or throw the towel in, good luck explaining why to them. Making others keep you accountable ensures that giving up doesn't become an option.


Set your goals and ambitions for 2020 the right way and watch your results become a reality.

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