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Ecom Upskill X


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Tested, Proven, & Improved

The techniques in the Ecom Upskill program have been proven to work for anyone with a drive for financial success. Since the start of my first online business at 12, my skills have been refined over these 4 years leading to the ability to run a 7 figure e-commerce store at just 16! As of today, I have mentored thousands of people around the world have used this program and extraordinary results have been achieved by many. Over 8 of my students have taken my extensive advice and now run stores turning over in excess of $430+ P/Day


Introducing My Exclusive Group - Ecom Upskill X

Ever wanted to make money online but have no idea where to get started? The Ecom Upskill program is designed to take you to 0 to 100 in the online world ;) With a different fresh topic each month I will personally be taking you through everything you need to know (and everything I wish I knew) when getting started in the online and advancing to ultimate financial freedom.

Learn from the expert

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Experience The Rewards Of Drop-Shipping

Everything You Need To Earn An Income Online

Don't Spend $1390 To Get Started

For just $80 P/Mth I've combined all the current trend of Shopify stores and Drop-Shipping into one easy to understand, fully inclusive course that you can get started with today. While most people miss out on the opportunity you are part of the lucky few who can take action today.

Active Community

Surround yourself with like-minded people Drop-Shippers with our incredibly active community. You don't need to be a tech genius to get started! If you have any questions about anything covered in the course, never has getting it answered been easier. 

1 on 1 Guided Tutorials 

Watch the video lessons in the members area using any device connected to internet. The program is filled with easy to understand and actionable content. Downloadable "offline" templates and scripts are also included so you can learn on the go. You can spend years collecting all the necessary skills and knowledge alone OR get everything in one convenient place and launch your store — before the trend is long gone.

Be Part Of The Journey

Be part of something special. Every single month we will be covering a different topic, whether that be drop-shipping or finance management, every month is unique. By the 12th month, finances shouldn't be a problem.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

Advanced Online Education

Finances shouln't be something you have to worry about. The difference between the middle class and the new rich, is not how much they have in the bank, it's cash flow. Through the 12 months, advanced finance techniques will be broken down to easy to understand actionable mini-lessons. All of this training is available on any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Your Program Outline

Fundamentals to Cash Flow Abondance 


  • Ways to earn money online

  • Income philosophies

  • Money Mindset

  • Steps to success (played out)

  • The ultimate goal?

  • Monetizable skills (high income)

  • How to brand yourself online

  • How to speak on a stage with Tony Robbins

  • Basic guide to dropshipping



  • How to build an online store

    • A walkthrough of Shopify

  • How to dropship - fully explained and walkthrough

    • Building a Shopify store Step by Step

    • How to find winning products

    • How to scale a store

  • What makes monetize YOU

  • How to run Facebook ads (walkthrough)


  • How to turn your product/service into millions​

  • How to take what you do to the next level

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Comprehensive 12 Month Video Training


Private Facebook Group


Lifestyle Bonus Content


Monthly Q and A Live Calls


Official Certification


1 on 1 Facebook Consulting

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