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97% of Businesses Are Not Using The Internet To Their Advantage


Through Jack's extensive experience in the world of eCommerce, take your current online offering to the next level. Work with Jack and transform your brand's digital ecosystem including current product offerings, social media channels, backend efficiency + much more. Unfortunately, for many brands, playing catch up is the norm. Jack helps partners see the bigger picture with nuanced mile-markers for their eCommerce store. Jack places a high value on customer loyalty, acquisition and spend optimization. From transforming already established businesses with an eCommerce brand, Jack also helps a range of high-value businesses of whom are currently, or have the will to start, grow or scale an eCommerce presence.  

Paid Media

Jack prides himself on his depth of understanding around the various social channels. If used correctly, these channels drive traffic which ultimately converts to heightened brand awareness and sales. In the contemporary marketplace, Jack places great importance on virality, effective ad spend and attention. Through Jack's extensive success within the online marketplace, he has gathered a plethora of skills of which help brands signficantly increase their top line through the mostly unexplored route of effeicent and calculated online marketing. 

Strategic Partnerships

One of Jack's biggest advantages would be his age. Not only has he accomplished so much for a teenager but when it comes to knowing what millennials want, Jack is at the forefront. Through strategic partners with key social media influencers, multi-billion dollar 'sleeping dinosaurs' brands have been able to reinvent themselves as ones youth can relate to. It's not just millennials that influencers are perfect for, there is an influencer for every generation and most importantly, every niche. In most situations, influencers can be cheaper and significantly more effective  than traditional advertising (TV, Newspaper etc) and open a whole new market for many businesses. This in combination with strategic paid media and optimized social channels is a game changer set to revolutionize the ways that brands are built.

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Helping businesses is something that I am truely passionate about. On a daily basis, I see so many businesses fall behind the market due to simple mistakes. For many businesses, the issue starts with simple errors but as the market and especially the role of social media and online marketing starts to solidify its place in society, the opportunities to catch up decrease significant.


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