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Personal Coaching

Let me guide you towards empowering your life with a bespoke set of programs

'Pick my Brains Call'

  • 1-hour call

  • Personalized advice

  • The ability to 'pick my brain'

  • Nothings off limit policy*

  • Face to Face skype call

  • A complete review of your current situation with actionable steps forward.

  • Can be used for direct access for eCommerce advice or general, personal advice.

Life/Business Empowerment Session

  • 2x 1-hour calls

  • Everything that's included in the 'Pick My Brains Call' 

  • A personalized game plan

  • Actionable personalized steps 

  • A greater level of depth and understanding 

  • 3 follow up questions (send me any questions you have after a call)