Founder, Entrepreneur and CEO

Jack Bloomfield is a 17-year-old, Australian, High School Serial Entrepreneur.

Jack is Entrepreneurship 

At just 17 years old, Jack is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and mentor to tens of thousands. Starting his first business at the age of 12, Jack has grown multiple eCommerce stores to incredible heights.


Jack donates a significant amount of his time giving back to underprivileged education throughout Australia whilst also championing the growth and support of real-world skills education across schools.


How can I inspire you? Every day, I put out a range of content all with the aim of inspiring major shifts in one's life.


How can I add value to your life? Learn how to make passive income online through my various programs. 


How can I help you personally? Learn alongside me, 1 on 1, through my personalised programs


How can I bring results to your audience? Starting my first business at 12 and scaling it to the point of today, I have definitely seen it all!

Mark Bouris

"Jack is simply one of the most impressive people that I have ever met, let alone a 17 years old. He possess something that I have never seen in someone so young "

Tony Robbins

"Jack, you are one incredible lad. That was one of the most incredible talks that I have ever heard"

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